“Herr Meier” von Florian Schurz ist auf dem EMAF zu sehen

European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück
22 – 26 April 2015

HERR MEIER von Florian Schurz
läuft im Programm NO PLACE LIKE HOME

24. April, 19:00 h, Zimmertheater
25. April, 18:00 h, Lagerhalle

„Herr Meier“ (Mister Meier)
Documental Film, HD, 10:12 min., Projection, 2014

A person and its place. Fragments of a Biography.
In between a Highschool and a cemetry lies the small property of Mister Meier, who runs the Guesthaus „Zum Geheimtip“ (the insider‘s tip). With a swimmingpool and some kind of artificial atmosphere, the Motel looks like it had been felt from the sky, right to this place.
In tableau vivants and precise slides, the camera explores systematically the place that Mister Meier has created for his guests and himself. Speaking off-camera, Mister Meier tells fragments of his complex biography.
Studying the place and the person Mr. Meier, Im trying to retell his portrait from a fragmentary point of view, a picture that can never be complete.

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